The cause

Rapatriement des cerveaux Program

Almost $ 5,400,000 has been raised and 11 researchers repatriated since the start of the Rapatriement des cerveaux Program.

To watch the video on the Rapatriement des cerveaux Program

The funds raised by this benefit event are used in particular to finance this program carried out in collaboration with the CRCHUM, and which aims to attract oncology researchers to Montreal by offering them a start-up fund for a period of 5 years. This unique and innovative program helps counter the exodus of researchers, a phenomenon that threatens scientific advancement in cancerology and the influence of Montreal researchers.

Campaign cabinet

  • Dominique Babin
  • Me Jad Barsoum
  • André Boulanger
  • Michelle Brisebois
  • Mario Daigle
  • Marc-André Deschênes
  • Pierre Gauthier
  • Clermont Gignac
  • Pierre Lortie
  • Julie Masse
  • Yann Nachabé
  • Raffaela Scaglione | Honorary member