The cause

Anne-Marie Chagnon workshop sale

It all started with a private fundraiser at his studio. This first meeting allowed the jeweler to familiarize herself with the essential mandate of the Montreal Cancer Institute.  Wanting to get more involved, Anne-Marie Chagnon created in 2013 a first fundraising collection exclusive to the Institute, the ESPOIR collection. Encouraged by the public reception, she renewed her commitment in 2014 by creating the second ESPOIR collection.

From the start of their involvement as ambassadors, the Moreau sisters proudly wore ESPOIR jewelry, giving them extraordinary visibility. The public response was quick and record sales of these jewels were recorded. Despite the death of her sister Nathalie, who died of ovarian cancer in 2016, Sylvie Moreau continued to be actively involved in fundraising activities for the benefit of research on this disease. So far, the Anne-Marie Chagnon workshop has donated more than $ 100,000 to the benefit of the Institute for Ovarian Cancer Research and more specifically to support the research carried out by Dr. Diane’s team. Provencher.