• 1947 | First French-speaking cancer research center in America

Founded in 1947 by two doctors from Notre-Dame Hospital, Dr Louis-Charles Simard, pathologist, and Dr Antonio Cantero, gastroenterologist, Montreal Cancer Institute is the leading French-speaking cancer research center in America.

From the first years following its founding, the Institute joined forces with Notre-Dame Hospital and the University of Montreal to carry out its mission, while continuing to operate as an independent research institute for several decades.

  • 1994 | The birth of a foundation serving oncology research and training

In 1994, the Institute and the Notre-Dame Hospital Research Center joined forces to create the Louis-Charles Simard Research Center. This center now assumes administrative responsibility for the research teams, leading the Institute to change its vocation and to orient itself more towards the collection of private funds, intended for the financing of research and training in oncology in the new center of research. To continue to carry out its mission and respond to emerging needs in the research and training communities, the Institute is continuing its association with Notre-Dame Hospital and the University of Montreal.

  • 1997 | Creation of the hospital center of University of Montreal (CHUM)

When the hospital center of the University of Montreal (CHUM) was created in 1997, the Institute established a special link with this new entity and extended its support activities financial support for the entire oncology axis of the CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM). The Institute then acts as a foundation and collects private funds which it dedicates to the establishment and financing of educational and scientific enrichment activities.

  • 1997 | Creation of the Robert-Bourassa Fund for Cancer Research

The Institute is organizing a major fundraiser which enables it to create the Robert-Bourassa Fund for Cancer Research . This capitalized fund, along with funds from various annual activities, allow the Institute to invest in various support programs for research and training in the oncology axis of the CRCHUM. Its proximity to a hospital environment favors this positioning. Thus, since the beginning of the establishment of the Institute until today, the research members of the Institute and their teams are at the heart of innovative discoveries and pioneers in the collection and implementation of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer cell tissue bank.

By virtue of the number of their scientific publications, and the size of the grants awarded by organizations endowed with peer committees, the researchers who are members of the Montreal Cancer Institute are among the ranks among the best in their respective fields and have a strong influence and impact internationally.