Want to contribute, but don’t know how to go about it? To get started, here are some ideas.

* Any event supported or organized for the benefit of the Institut du cancer de Montréal must be carried out within the framework of the rules issued by public health.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Organize a sporting event;
  • Offer a dinner show;
  • Hold a silent auction;
  • Carry out a sale of homemade products;
  • Develop a rally through your city / town;
  • Create a board game / karaoke party;
  • Prepare a wine and cheese tasting;
  • Schedule a conference with our researchers;
  • Sponsor one of the Institut du cancer de Montréal events.

Create a fundraiser

To create a fundraiser, for the benefit of the Institute, you must start by completing the form that you will find by clicking on the button below, and by sending it to us. transmitting in as much detail as possible. We will then contact you to discuss it and see how we can support you in your efforts.

Form to submit a fundraising activity

What the Institute is committed to doing

After approval, and to contribute to the success of your activity, we can support you in your process in different ways.

We can offer you our advice and expertise in planning the event to make sure everything goes the way you want it to. We can also help you promote your event by sharing it on our various digital platforms, such as our website or our social networks, and provide you with communication tools. Finally, we can provide you with a limited amount of material for your fundraising showcase, such as official Institute banners, donation boxes, posters, forms or pins.

We cannot guarantee that staff or volunteers will be present on the day of your activity, but rest assured that we will make sure to support you to make it all happen good. Please note that we cannot cover expenses incurred during the planning or holding of the event, the graphics or the application for a liquor permit, game licenses or equipment, unless ‘a prior agreement.

The Institute can also provide you with the supporting documents necessary for the success of your fundraising:

  • An official letter of authorization;
  • The logo of the Institute and its standards of use;
  • A sample letter of solicitation and budget.