The cause

Support the funding of cancer research


For a special edition, the Masked Evening of the Montreal Cancer Institute returns this year with a unique formula that will awaken all your senses!

Get ready for an unforgettable sensory experience during a breathtaking banquet, where gastronomic delights, enchanting atmosphere, and captivating Levantine melodies blend perfectly. Let yourself be transported into the vibrant and colorful universe of the golden era of the 1950s, where every moment resonates with magic and wonder.

WHERE | Cartier Theatre (2330 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montreal, QC, H2K 2J4)
WHEN | November 16, 2024, at 6:30 PM
WHAT | 8th edition of the Masked Evening in banquet format including: Full meal, wine, dessert tables, live band, and DJ. It is also possible to purchase tickets for the post-banquet format giving access to the Evening from 8:30 PM, including appetizers, drinks (2), and musical performances.
HOW | Reserve your tickets here.
THE CAUSE | The Masked Evening 2024 will finance the improvement of crucial equipment for studying cancer and testing new treatments. The Incucyte platform is a system of microscopes for observing living cells. Thanks to artificial intelligence, among other technologies, the platform’s cellular study capacity will be doubled, and advanced analysis tools will be added. Concretely, it will be possible to test numerous different drugs on cancer cells taken from patients to find the most effective treatments.


Since 2015, more than $ 624,000 has been invested in research projects and the purchase of specialized equipment.

Review of funded projects:

  • 2023 : Proceeds went to support a research program in artificial intelligence to improve the care of cancer patients. They enabled the purchase of servers to help predict cancer response, personalize treatments and reduce side effects, in ENT, lung, digestive, prostate and brain cancers.
  • 2022 : Funds were raised for brain cancer research.
  • 2019 : Funds were raised for research on glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor.
  • 2018: The establishment of a new research program that examines the importance of interactions between lymphoma and the environment present in the lymph nodes on the function of immune cells, in relation to the response to treatment. It will support the development of new treatments for lymphoma.
  • 2017: The acquisition of a device that allows you to view cells cultured in the laboratory in real time and to monitor their behavior in the face of new treatments.
  • 2016: A clinical and basic research project that revolves around a cohort of adults in remission struggling with side effects following treatment for cancer received at a young age.
  • 2015: Purchase of advanced cancer tumor analysis equipment to refine diagnosis and predict response to treatment.

2024 Campaign cabinet

  • Benoit Arcand
  • Clare Lord
  • Claudia Pharand
  • Cynthia Baroud
  • Geneviève Pagé
  • Helga Dathe
  • Houda Bahig
  • Isabelle Rochefort
  • Jean-Paul Bahary
  • Marie-Andrée Côté
  • Marie-Ève Boileau-Loiselle
  • Nadia Paquet
  • Pierre Nollet
  • Shirley Byrns
  • Suhad Tantawi