I have been a board member for over 15 years as a representative of researchers at the Montreal Cancer Institute. My motivation is to make the link between the Board of Directors and the fundamental researchers and clinicians in oncology of the CHUM / CRCHUM. From the start, I have been in awe of the dedication of the Board which is made up of bright and extremely busy people who are willing to devote valuable time to the cause of cancer research. These people are sensitized directly or indirectly to the importance of cancer care and they recognize that excellence comes through research. They ask very relevant questions to better understand our work. They force us to popularize our issues and research to enable them to better solicit the donations that are essential in the pursuit of our research. At each Board, I find our discussions and reflections very enriching and that is what makes me want to continue to be a member of the Board despite a more than busy schedule.

Other positions held:

  • Medical Director, Interdisciplinary Group of Oncological Urology, CHUM
  • Director, Prostate Cancer Research, Montreal Cancer Institute/ CRCHUM
  • Full Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Montreal
  • Holder, Raymond Garneau Chair in Prostate Cancer at the University of Montreal