The Montreal Cancer Institute is proud to join the CHUM Foundation in its drive to thwart cancer and find innovative treatments for patients.

With a donation of $500,000 to the Foundation, the Institute wishes to contribute to the Guy Lafleur fund for cancer research, in order to give the teams at the CHUM Research Centre the means to propel their ambitious and promising ideas aimed at achieving major breakthroughs in precision oncology and, ultimately, beating the disease.

“Founded 75 years ago, the Montreal Cancer Institute boasts over thirty researchers members who strive for excellence on a daily basis and work with their teams to defeat cancer. So it was only natural that we should join forces with the CHUM Foundation on this promising and revolutionary project. We are convinced that together, and thanks to our valued donors, our collective impact will be significant for the future of cancer treatment.” – Michelle Brisebois, Executive Director, Montreal Cancer Institute

This major gift will actively contribute to the implementation of the program, by providing financial support for innovative projects in personalized medicine that bring hope to the thousands of people affected by this disease.

By encouraging collaboration between clinical and basic research teams, this program, led by Réjean Lapointe, Ph.D., will unite the unique strengths and expertise of each to combine knowledge of complex information and data.

“This program, supported by the Guy Lafleur Cancer Research Fund, will open up new horizons for vaccines and treatments that we never thought we’d be able to develop one day to treat people with cancer.” – Réjean Lapointe, PhD, Head of the Cancer Axis at the CRCHUM and Scientific Director of the Montreal Cancer Institute.

This philanthropic support is an opportunity to highlight the impact that two organizations with the same bold vision can have, working together for the future of health and future generations.

“When you consider that cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, and that two out of five people will face it in their lifetime, it becomes urgent to join forces and combine our efforts. Faced with these challenges, I’m very proud of this partnership which, like the Fonds Guy Lafleur, is innovative and will increase the impact of research tenfold, for the benefit of patients at the CHUM and in Quebec” – Pascale Bouchard, President and CEO of the CHUM Foundation.

A fund to revolutionize cancer treatment
The Guy Lafleur Fund was set up by the late Guy Lafleur to raise funds for cancer research and develop precision oncology. Personalized – or precision – medicine is a real source of hope for the thousands of patients who, like our “blond devil”, are facing or will face cancer; it is revolutionizing the management of their disease by tailoring care and treatment to each individual.

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