For 30 years now, hundreds of students have passed through the Institute and left their mark there, an essential contribution to the effervescence of research at the Institute for all these years.

This scientific event, which will take place on January 14 and 15, is at the very heart of the Institute’s mission, namely the organization of scientific conferences and workshops. training. The Scientific Day is entirely dedicated to the recognition of the research work of students, through different types of presentations, which allows in particular the synthesis and popularization of their current research projects. Good practice for their profession as a researcher!

The Institute continues to remain at the forefront of research and knowledge in supporting innovative projects and by providing financial support to researchers and their teams, and thus testifies to its place within the scientific community as an important vector for advances in research. We would like to underline the important contribution of our institutional partners such as the CHUM, the CRCHUM and the University of Montreal.

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