The Montreal cancer Institute has funded part of the research leading to a promising discovery that will revolutionize the diagnosis of prostate cancer!

Dr Dominique Trudel and Frédéric Leblond, researchers at the Institute and Andrée-Anne Grosset, postdoctoral researcher, collaborated on a recent study published in PLoS Medicine, which combines imaging using Raman microspectroscopy to machine learning techniques to better detect aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

This research, funded in part by the Montreal Cancer Institute, has enabled the identification of patients at risk and the diagnosis of the most aggressive forms of this cancer , because this type of carcinoma is frequently associated with prostate cancer recurrence and metastasis.

Dr Guila Delouya, also a researcher at the Institute, works daily with patients suffering from this type of cancer, and she specifies that this discovery will help clinicians to personalize treatment of patients.

This promising discovery was made possible thanks to the exceptional work of researchers and funding for cancer research!

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