With this theme, we offer patients new therapeutic avenues in evaluation: the oncology of the future in a way! We can also forward the findings of the first 3 themes to patients in order to assess their effectiveness and relevance. The deployment of these clinical trials is greatly facilitated by the Therapeutic Innovation Unit (ITU) of the CRCHUM. ITU now enables us to efficiently transfer findings from the laboratory to patients in early-stage clinical trials.

Researchers involved

  • Jean-Paul Bahary
  • Normand Blais
  • Isabelle Bourdeau
  • Apostolos Christopoulos
  • Guila Delouya
  • Rahima Jamal
  • Moishe Liberman
  • Diane Provencher
  • Bertrand Routy
  • Fred Saad
  • Dominique Trudel
  • Simon Turcotte
  • and several others …