The Institute wishes to highlight the accomplishments of Mr. Jonathan Wener, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves as the Grand Honorary Governor of the Montreal Cancer Institute due to his exceptional generosity.

In 1989, following his wife Susan’s diagnosis, this Montreal businessman and founder of Canderel Management Inc. decided to significantly broaden his impact on cancer research by mobilizing the local business community. By launching the Canderel Challenge, Mr. Wener relied on the solidarity and generosity of members of the business community, and this strategy proved to be a resounding success.

For nearly 35 years, Jonathan Wener and his team at Canderel have organized an annual fundraising campaign, with the highlight being a symbolic race through the streets of downtown Montreal. Since the inception of this event, over 20 million dollars have been raised for cancer research, with these funds being allocated to two Montreal research centers: the Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University and the Montreal Cancer Institute.

Thanks to the donors mobilized by Mr. Wener through the Canderel Challenge, researchers at the Montreal Cancer Institute have access to the most advanced equipment to advance cancer research. Furthermore, they benefit from the support of dedicated students determined to make a real difference.

A big thank you to Mr. Wener.