The cause

Hope 2021 Collection

For the launch of the Hope 2021 collection, the Institute, in collaboration with Anne-Marie Chagnon and Sylvie Moreau, deployed the moving You won’t get me Campaign. Thanks to this campaign and the Groupe Morneau Levasseur de la Financière Banque Nationale, close to $75,000 was raised in 2021 for the cause of ovarian cancer research.

Designed by the agency &Co Collaborateurs Créatifs, the campaign aims to raise awareness of this little-known cancer among Quebecers by making them aware of the disease, as well as to promote the jewelry in Anne-Marie Chagnon’s Hope collection.


In 2013, Anne-Marie Chagnon created the first exclusive benefit collection for the Institute, the Hope collection. Ambassadors since the beginning, the Moreau sisters have proudly worn Hope jewelry, giving it extraordinary visibility. Despite the death of her sister Nathalie to ovarian cancer in 2016, Sylvie Moreau has continued to be actively involved in fundraising activities to benefit research on this disease. To date, the Anne-Marie Chagnon Workshop has donated more than $100,000 to the Institute for Ovarian Cancer Research and more specifically to support the research done by the teams of Dr. Diane Provencher and Anne-Marie Mes-Masson at the CHUM Research Centre.