Dr. Roy Hajjar, a resident in general surgery and a member of the Montreal Cancer Institute community, has published a new scientific article in the journal Clinical Cancer Research. Titled Modulating Gut Microbiota Prevents Anastomotic Leak to Reduce Local Implantation and Dissemination of Colorectal Cancer Cells after Surgery, the article explores how to prevent anastomotic leaks after colorectal surgery to improve survival by modulating the intestinal microbiota.

Anastomotic leaks, complications after colorectal surgery where intestinal content escapes through poorly healed sutures, could be a crucial factor in cancer recurrence.

Dr. Hajjar and his team found that patients experiencing such leaks showed lower overall and oncological survival. Using murine models, they observed that poor anastomotic healing led to larger tumors.

These findings underscore the crucial importance of preventing anastomotic leaks to improve oncological outcomes after colorectal surgery and suggest an innovative approach by targeting nutrition to enhance healing and reduce cancer recurrence.

You can read the full scientific article here.