CQDM has announced its financial support for a collaborative research project led by Michel Meunier, full professor in the Engineering Physics Department at Polytechnique Montréal, in partnership with Vega BioImaging and Dr. Dominique Trudel, pathologist and member researcher at the Institut du cancer de Montréal. With total funding of $537,071, the project benefits from a $203,052 grant from the Quebec government, awarded by CQDM, as well as financial support from Vega BioImagerie, Polytechnique Montréal and Pfizer Canada.

“This multidisciplinary collaborative research project represents a major potential for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. By studying tumour expression of the HER2 gene on previously characterized breast cancer tissues, it will enable us to identify patients who will respond best to targeted therapies, and thus offer a personalized, precise and effective treatment approach based on the unique characteristics of each patient,” emphasizes Dr. Dominique Trudel, pathologist and researcher at CHUM.

This project will represent an important contribution to precision medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. Patients’ eligibility for dedicated treatment will be determined thanks to this new, more robust and faster approach, which can be easily integrated into analysis laboratories across Quebec, while reducing costs for the healthcare system.

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