The project

Funding of the Institute: Over $ 54,000

A bit like the computers of the past which required hosting on an entire floor and which now fit in the palm of your hand, the future of laboratories possibly goes by the same principle. So the labs of the future may fit in the palm of your hand, called a “microfluidics” slide, on which it will be possible to perform very complex experiments usually requiring a large lab.

Thanks to the support of the Institute, we have created an alliance between several researchers from the Institute, the CRCHUM and the École Polytechnique de Montréal, of which Thomas Gervais is a member and who specialize in these technologies of the future. As of today, we therefore have access to these revolutionary technologies which are also called “Lab-on-a-chip” thanks to the Microfluidics platform of the CRCHUM, under the direction of Anne-Marie Mes-Masson and Thomas Gervais . This platform allows us, among other things, to observe and predict the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments on cancer samples from patients. So, at the Institute, the future is now!

Researchers involved:

  • Thomas Gervais
  • Anne-Marie Mes-Masson
  • Dr. Dominique Trudel
  • Francis Rodier
  • Marie-Claude Bourgeois-Daigneault
  • And several others at the Institute and at the CRCHUM