On December 30, Manuela Santos and her colleagues, Dr. Roy Hajjar and Dr. Carole Richard, published the article Gut microbiota influence anastomotic healing in colorectal cancer surgery through modulation of mucosal proinflammatory cytokines in the journal Gut.

For the first time, this research team showed in mice that modifying the gut flora before surgery could decrease complications after surgery in colorectal cancer patients.

“In our study, we show that two bacterial strains, detected in the stools of patients with this cancer, have opposite effects on intestinal healing and therefore on recovery,” says Manuela Santos, a research member at the Institute and head of the CRCHUM’s nutrition and microbiome laboratory.

Thus, modifying the intestinal flora by taking a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics, in an appropriate formula still to be determined, could become a new therapeutic approach.

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