The Institute would like to congratulate all the students who have been awarded a Canderel scholarship. Here are portraits of two Canderel 2022 bursary recipients.

Alicia Pellerin-Viger
Master’s Scholarship and Excellence Award
Francis Rodier Laboratory

Before joining the Institut, I completed two years of nursing studies. During my internships with patients, I realized just how difficult and unpredictable cancer can be. Although significant advances in scientific research are constantly being made to improve treatments, cancer remains extremely complex. I was deeply touched by my experience and it has become my source of motivation to contribute to research.

In January 2023, I completed my Master’s degree. I really appreciate the opportunity to work in the same laboratory to pursue my research project. Our work focuses on cellular senescence, particularly in relation to radiation therapy. By better understanding these mechanisms, we’ll have a better grasp of the phenomena that cause cancer cells to over-proliferate.

Today, what’s dearest to my heart is to work on the search for treatments and thus contribute to the quality of life and well-being of patients.


Mame Kany Diop
Doctoral scholarship and Excellence Award
Dr. Dominique Trudel’s laboratory

I completed my Master’s and PhD in Dominique Trudel’s team. I work on intracanal carcinoma of the prostate, an aggressive subtype of prostate cancer that affects around 20% of cases and is associated with a poor prognosis.

By observing the immune cells found in these lesions, we can better understand how cancer cells avoid the immune system. Furthermore, intracanal carcinoma of the prostate affects patients in different ways. By studying its morphology, two criteria became apparent: the presence of blood vessels within the intracanal carcinoma and irregularly contoured nuclei, which increase the risk of recurrence by 20%. These observations enable us to tailor treatment to each patient’s specific risk profile.

I’m involved in our scientific community, making sure I stay up to date with the latest
scientific information and participate in philanthropic events.