The Institut is proud to present the students who have been awarded a Canderel bursary. Here are the portraits of two 2023 recipients.

Claire Gerkins
PhD scholarship
Manuela Santos Laboratory

I’m from the United States, and I chose to study at the Université de Montréal specifically because the research in Dr. Santos’ laboratory matched my scientific interests perfectly.

My research focuses on colorectal cancer and its interaction with the gut microbiota. My project focuses specifically on the ways in which the consumption of iron supplements early in life could affect the development of colorectal cancer.

The Canderel grant is absolutely essential to my studies. Indeed, as an international student international student, I don’t have access to a wide range of financial aid and I have to deal with various limitations. I’m fully aware that it would have been impossible for me to be here and work on this project I’m passionate about without the support of Défi Canderel. Not only does it enable me to devote all my time to my education and concentrate completely on my full-time research work, it also encourages me to continue my studies in Montreal, in this exceptional laboratory at the cutting edge of technology.

I loved taking part in the Défi Canderel 2023, and I hope to see you at the 35th anniversary edition of this wonderful fundraising campaign!

Angelina Bardoul

Master’s Scholarship and Excellence Award
Dominic Roy Laboratory

My research project involves using modified viruses to attack cancer cells without
without destroying healthy cells.

What’s really interesting about this research is that we’re not working within the framework of a single defined cancer. We already have several models that work, including colorectal cancer and melanoma, and we’re continuing our research to try and identify other cancers for which our model might work.

The Canderel Fellowship was the very first award I received. It was very important for me to obtain it, because this financial aid represents a huge confidence boost for students. What’s more, when you’re a young researcher, you need to build up a good CV to obtain other grants, to take part in more conferences, and to have access to more opportunities.

The Canderel grant is therefore an enormous support and a lever that makes all the difference.
I really enjoyed participating in Défi Canderel, seeing the general public sharing our cause, and the donors supporting our work. Thank you to Canderel and to all those who invest in research – it’s thanks to you that one day we’ll be able to have better adapted treatments.