Full professor
Department of medicine, Université de Montréal

Accredited professor
Departement of microbiology and immunology, Université de Montréal

CHUM research center, Research theme Cancer
Nutrition and Microbiome Laboratory
Research member
Montreal Cancer Institute

Research interests

Colon cancer and cancer therapy: the interplay of microelements, microbiota and the host at the mucosal interface.

There is growing evidence that dysbiosis of the gut microbiota is associated with inflammation and colon carcinogenesis. Our lab’s aim is to strengthen the understanding of this association by finding underlying mechanisms, identifying related biomarkers, and by testing new ways to avoid dysbiosis and/or restore intestinal metabolic homeostasis.

Lines of investigation include:

  1. Understanding how competition for the uptake of dietary microelements affects the composition of the gut microbiota and may promote inflammation and carcinogenesis;
  2. Identification of microbiota biomarkers and regulators in order to manipulate and restore a healthy microbiota after cancer treatments;
  3. Identification of the underlying mechanisms by which the host controls gut microbial ecology;
  4. Investigation of how pathogens and pathobionts alter the microbiota in a manner leading to carcinogenesis;
  5. Evaluation of the protective role of probiotics.

Nutrition and Microbiome Laboratory – Team

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Recent Publications

  1. The role of butyrate in surgical and oncological outcomes in colorectal cancer
  2. Acute invariant NKT cell activation triggers an immune response that drives prominent changes in iron homeostasis
  3. Curcumin induces mild anemia in a DSS-induced colitis mouse model maintained on an iron-sufficient diet
  4. MyD88 regulates the expression of SMAD4 and the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin
  5. Dietary heme induces gut dysbiosis, aggravates colitis, and potentiates the development of adenomas in mice

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1994-1998 Ph.D. Utrech University – Immunology and iron metabolism, Supervisors: Drs Hans Clevers et J.J.M. Marx (The Netherlands); Maria de Sousa (Portugal).

1999-2001 Post-doc, Université de Montréal – Iron metabolism in Friedreich ataxia, Supervisor: Dr Massimo Pandolfo.